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Here's a little something just in case you're feeling down about the Miami Heat

The Heat have been strugg-a-ling, to borrow a phrase from Joe Namath. But just in case you're feeling blue or being dragged down by pessimism, read this little snippet from Chad Ford and John Hollinger's Future Power Rankings:
Nonetheless, the positives far outweigh the negatives right now. Most signs point to the Heat keeping Wade in South Beach and luring another star to join him, especially given the appeal of the Miami market (No. 2 behind L.A. on our list). Though owner Micky Arison hasn't been willing to outspend other teams, the Heat are a well-run franchise from president Pat Riley on down, and they've made creative use of their salary cap options in the past.
Those gentlemen have the Heat at No. 4. That ain't too shabby. I highly encourage you to utilize your ESPN Insider subscription to read the article, and sign up for an account if not. I'm not shilling for ESPN here, I'm just pointing out something really interesting if you're interested in the future of the franchise and those the franchise might be competing with. Have at it.