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WANT: Miami Heat dog jersey (small)

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Welcome to WANT, your connection to stuff you’ll want to buy as a Miami Heat fan. The item selected for WANT is in no way affiliated with Hot Hot Hoops, but just an item you’ll probably find interesting. After scouring the internet, here’s what will leave you saying "WANT": Miami Heat dog jersey (small) I normally despise dressing dogs in clothing. It's unnatural and makes the poor innocent animal look ridiculous. But Miami's won three games in a row! Go crazy folks! Get that economy back on the right track by decking your Dachshund out with this glorious Heat jersey. Everyone knows that when a dog sticks its neck out of the car window, it's trying to recreate the feeling of Dwyane Wade gliding to the basket for a slam dunk. So make the experience that much more authentic by forcing his or her legs through tiny holes in this mini-jersey. It's not an auction, it's an eBay Buy it Now, so get yours right now for $24.95 with FREE SHIPPING.