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Hot Hot Hoops contest: Enter now to win the book Stumbling On Wins

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It's likely a given that you're the smartest and most well-informed NBA fan in your inner circle if you're reading this blog as well as all the other great work put out daily on our ESPN Truehoop Network. Now it's your chance to prove your worth among all of our readers and put your analytical skills to the test. And what better reward (besides bragging rights) than to win a copy of the brand new book Stumbling On Wins written by professors of economics Dave Berri and Martin Schmidt? Friends of the Truehoop network and the writers of the excellent WofW Journal, Berri and Schmidt follow up on their first book Wages of Wins with an examination of the sports industry through the prism of behavioral economics. So it's not just a fancy book filled with numbers that will make your head spin, it's an examination of the psychology behind the economic decisions made by sports teams and what statistics are overrated and which ones really do help a team make informed decisions. So if you've ever wondered why general managers, coaches and execs in sports make the questionable judgements that they do then this is required reading. Your task is to join our new Hot Hot Hoops Youtube channel, email me or leave a comment below and draw up the Miami Heat's most efficient play to score a clutch basket with five seconds left to go in the game. Is it giving it to Wade at the top of the key on an isolation play? Or how about last night's play versus the Philadelphia Sixers where Wade drew Samuel Dalembert away from Udonis Haslem on a drive to the basket only to dish it to an open UD for his patented midrange jumper? Either write the play up or share a video of the play on our channel. Backing up your "most efficient" play with statistics or other evidence would be smart too. The writers and publisher of this book would also like to let you know that people who do not win this contest can still get a reward. When you purchase Stumbling on Wins from 4/12 – 4/18, you’re entitled to access to a free bonus article – more than 2,000 words in length — on the NBA Draft. Simply forward a copy of your dated receipt to A PDF version of the article will be forwarded to your inbox.