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Worst-case scenario: Celtics blow out Heat in Game 2

The NBA Playoffs is an interesteing creature. There's so much time in between games that you can talk yourself out of and in to 100 different ways your particular team could win or lose. With this particular game, though, the result seemed pretty cut-and-dry. With Kevin Garnett out and what was believed to be a pretty balanced series thrown into turmoil, the Heat seemed ready to pick off a game on the road. Au contraire, mon frère. What happened last night was a worst-case scenario. Instead of kicking a man while he was down, the Heat took a shot to the groin and fell down itself. Instead of making the most of a bad situation, the Heat laid an egg and gave the Celtics more confidence. instead of heading back to South Florida with a tied series — advantage Heat — Miami and its fans have to wonder whether the Heat really have a chance at all. There were no bright spots. There was no valor in defeat. For the first time in a long time, they stunk. For example: how does Mario Chalmers get into foul trouble? How does Jermaine O'Neal perform that poorly? Can this team develop and hit its own shots on a consistent basis? If not, don't make any plans after Game 5.