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Heat vs. Celtics GAME 3 postgame audio: 4/24/10

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Follow the jump for the postgame comments from after last nights hearbreaking loss to Boston in Game 3.  Lots of clips today, as from the Heat we have sound from Dwyane Wade, Jermaine O'Neal and Erik Spoelstra.  I also have a couple Doc Rivers cuts as well. 

Remember, you simply click on each link and the audio will play in your browser. 

Dwyane Wade-Do u envy that celts have many weapons

Dwyane Wade-How tough to be out at the end

Dwyane Wade-I couldn't do much near end of game

Dwyane Wade-I hated being out at the end

Dwyane Wade-Saturday will be very difficult

Dwyane Wade-They have our number for now

Dwyane Wade-This loss stings 

Jermaine O'Neal-I'm in a horrible slump 

Jermaine O'Neal-I'm hurting the team when i'm playing

Erik Spoelstra-Gives credit to pierce at the end

Erik Spoelstra-This defeat difficult to swallow

Erik Spoelstra-We tried hard but fell short

Erik Spoelstra-We'll put this loss behind us

Doc Rivers-I thought paul waited too long to shoot

Doc Rivers-We would've made wade a non factor at end