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NBA PLAYOFFS Game #4: Boston Celtics (3-0) vs. Miami Heat (0-3)

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The season has come down to this...fighting for pride and just to stay alive in front of your home fans.  Miami needs to win in order to avoid their 2nd opening round sweep in their last three playoff appearances.  The odds are absolutely stacked against the Heat to make any kind of comeback in this series, but right now the focus is simply on winning one game. 

Erik Spoelstra said all the right things on Saturday, the day after his decision not to foul on the Celtics final possession led to the game-winning (and possibly series clinching) buzzer beater by Paul Pierce.  Not that it's any more comforting, but here is what Spo had to say:

"Yeah, you know, that's on me.  It hasn't been our philosophy over the years to foul. It hasn't been our philosophy the last two years, unless there's two circumstances that we work on all the time: That if you feel compromised on a drive, wrap somebody up. Or if they have their back to you at an inopportune time, to take a foul.  If I were to do it over, it's always easy to say one way or another.  We knew we had a foul to give."

"Here's the thinking on it.  I understand a lot of the second-guessing and it always is easy to say one way or another.  Either you foul right away, when it's not a threat, and that doesn't make a difference because you foul at eight seconds or seven seconds. They still get the ball and now you don't have a free foul, OK?"

Spoelstra went on...

"The idea is to try to give it around three or four seconds, when the guy's on the move.  But Pierce was doing what?  He was lining Dorell up and he kept the ball in front of him and I don't know if there's a more dangerous player in the league, that as soon as you put your hand in there to try to wrap him up, he was going."  

"And if you heard Pierce's comments after the game, he said he was waiting for that exact opportunity.  He was just waiting to draw that flail and that flop.  He didn't turn his back. He's experienced.  He knows how to deal with those situations.  So it is easier said than done."


  • Boston is now 6-0 against the Heat this season, as well as winners of 14 of the last 15 meetings overall. 
  • Miami lost for the first time at the AAA (in the playoffs) when D-Wade scored at least 30-points, falling to 11-1.
  • The Heat bench scored 39 points in Game 3, matching their total for Game's 1 and 2 combined. 
  • Dwyane Wade took just 3 free throws in Game 3 and has taken just 16 during the entire series. 
  • Wade is expecting to play, saying that his left calf was much better on Saturday then when cramps rendered him useless in the final seconds of Game 3. 
  • Jermaine O'Neal is shooting 5-for-31 in the Playoffs. 

Tipoff from the AAA is set for 1pm.  After the Heat gets an emotional win, Game 5 will be Tuesday night from beantown.  It's ‘positive Pete' day here at Peninsula Is Mightier, so fall in line and root for the Heat with everything you've got today.  Time to make some history, Heat fans. Lets go Heat!! Lets go Heat!!