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Heat vs. Celtics GAME 4 postgame audio: 4/25/10

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After the jump you'll find audio clips from the Heat and Celtics locker rooms following Miami's Game 4 victory at the American Airlines Arena on Sunday.  From the Heat we have Dwyane Wade and Quentin Richardson.  From Boston there are clips of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.  Pierce had one interesting clip where he says that he believes D-Wade will not leave the Heat in the offseason.  I tend to agree...

Remember, you simply click on each link and the audio will play in your browser.

Dwyane Wade-

Dwyane Wade- Doesn't want the season to end now

Dwyane Wade- I put the team on my back

Dwyane Wade- I'm hard to stop when I'm on a roll

Dwyane Wade- The ball bounced our way today

Dwyane Wade- We match up well with Boston

Dwyane Wade- What he said to his right hand

Quentin Richardson-

Quentin Richardson- I wont jaw anymore with the Celtics

Quentin Richardson- Wade was Superman today

Paul Pierce-

Paul Pierce- Expected Heat to be desperately intense

Paul Pierce- Thinks Wade will remain with the Heat

Paul Pierce- Wade was virtually unstoppable

Kevin Garnett-

Kevin Garnett- Wade an elite prolific scorer