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Heat vs. Celtics GAME 5 pregame audio: 4/26/10

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Straight from the AAA, we have some pregame audio for you from Heat players Dwyane Wade and Jermaine O'Neal, as well as Coach Erik Spoelstra.  For J-O, I've just got one cut for you...and while it's nothing earth shattering it's still worth a listen.  Wade and Spo say all the right things, but if you need some reassurance that the Heat will be ready to put it all on the line for Game 5, this is the place to go. 

Just a reminder, to listen to the clips you simply click on each link and the audio will play in your browser.

Dwyane Wade:

Dwyane Wade- Draws on Mavs series experience

Dwyane Wade- We can with if others beside me can score

Dwyane Wade- We have much to proove in Boston

Dwyane Wade- We need to leave it all out on the floor

Dwyane Wade- We aren't just going to lay down and die

Dwyane Wade- I shoot more from downtown in the postseason

Dwyane Wade- My text messages are a closely guarded secret

Jermaine O'Neal:

Jermaine O'Neal- Early easy buckets will help me

Erik Spoelstra:

Erik Spoelstra- No wiggle room in Game 5

Erik Spoelstra- We've blown many late leads against Boston

Erik Spoelstra- Downplays Jermaine's scoring drought