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Miami Heat audio 4/28: Season's over edition

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Today the Heat players returned to the AAA to clean out their lockers and say their goodbyes.  This is something that happens every year to every team once the season is over, but for this Heat team there may have been a little more emotion involved.  Why?  Because the players are very much aware that the majority of them will be playing for different teams come next season. 

A few of these guys have been playing together for years, but even for the newer players who have been with Miami for a brief time, this team was still a very closely knit bunch.  I'm sure some of the guys would love to return to Miami and play with Dwyane Wade, but if they want to do so then I imagine there will have to be some pride swallowing because they'll have to sign for maybe a little less then another team would offer. 

Today's sound clips feature D-Wade and Udonis Haslem, with one little cut of Jermaine O'Neal that I just had to throw in there.  When you hear it you'll know why.   Wade talks about being a free agent, staying in Miami and his summer.  Udonis touches on being in uncharted territory as a free agent and getting paid what he is worth.  As a reminder, to listen to the clips you simply click on each link and the audio will play in your browser.  You'll find them all after the jump....enjoy.

Dwyane Wade:

Dwyane Wade- Free agents will talk to each other

Dwyane Wade- My future team will advance in the Playoffs

Dwyane Wade- My plate is full this offseason

Dwyane Wade- Not sure where we'll all end up

Dwyane Wade- This process will be nerve wracking

Dwyane Wade- Does $30 million mean a lot to you?

Dwyane Wade- Likes the Larry Bird rule

Dwyane Wade- Mickey and Pat have done well by me

Dwyane Wade- Not my final contract but maybe my final team

Dwyane Wade- Want to still play with Udonis and Dorell

Dwyane Wade- What are the odds you will return?

Udonis Haslem:

Udonis Haslem- Heat has to pay me what I am worth

Udonis Haslem- I am in uncharted territory

Udonis Haslem- I think Wade will return

Udonis Haslem- Wade and I might not be teammates

Udonis Haslem- Will money be a deciding factor?

Udonis Haslem- Will you give the Heat a hometown discount?

Jermaine O'Neal:

Jermaine O'Neal- Playoffs wont effect free agency