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Lucky seven: Miami Heat down Indiana Pacers in overtime

It's an appropriate celebration for Dwyane Wade's Player of the Month and Erik Spoelstra's Coach of the Month awards to start the month of April with a win. With all due respect, and while defending what most people say, I constantly preached that the first three to four months of the regular season largely don't matter. Perform in March and April and you'll get where you want. Wade clearly was the engine that made the car go with 43 points — eight of which came in overtime. It was a team that fell behind to a lesser opponent. It was also a team that harnessed its talent's potential and overwhelmed its opponent. Resiliency is important in April and beyond. Miami really shouldn't lose another game for the rest of the seask . The remaining schedule is about 200 games below .500. Now of course you can't expect perfection, but after last month, we know this team is playoff-worthy and should be able to handle it.