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BREAKING NEWS: Plane carrying Miami Heat makes emergency landing in Chicago

Rarely am I that guy, mainly because I lack that ability, but about an hour ago (following a tweet from Dwyane Wade), I was able to share that the Miami Heat's team plane had made an emergency landing in Chicago after one of the members of the piloting crew fell ill on board. Michael Wallace of the Miami Herald has the specifics now:
The Heat’s chartered flight home to Miami was forced to land in Chicago just after midnight after a member of the piloting crew fell ill during the flight. The Heat’s plane made an emergency landing at O’Hare Airport in Chicago, where the flight’s mechanic/engineer fell into a diabetic coma and was taken to a hospital after the abrupt landing.
All there is to know now is that the plane is back in the air and on its way to Miami. Best wishes to the engineer, of course.