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Today's Miami Heat Dancer of the day

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Today at 2pm voting begins in the matchup between your Miami Heat Dancers and the New Jersey Nets Dancers, with the winner moving on to face the Boston Celtics Dancers in the quarterfinals.  To vote, just click right HERE.  If you don't have an ID you'll have to sign up, but it take about 30 seconds so no worries.  You can vote as often as you like during the 24-hour voting period that each match is allowed. 

As promised, every day the Heat Dancers are still in the tournament I will post a set of pictures from a different member of the dance squad.  Each and every one of these girls is a knockout, so keep voting and enjoy!  I suggest voting first, then rewarding yourself by following the jump to the rest of the photos...

Today's Miami Heat Dancer is Ashley A.: