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Today's Miami Heat Dancer of the day

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Just like the team they dance for, your Miami Heat Dancers are in the win column as well.   With your help, they took care of the New Jersey Nets Dancers yesterday (80%-20%) and will now face off against the Boston Celtics Dancers in the quarterfinals.  Voting that that match will begin tomorrow (Wednesday the 7th) at 2pm.  Just like the last time, voting will go for 24 hours and you can vote as often as you like. 

Keeping with this new and awesome tradition, today will be the 2nd set of pictures from a member of the Heat dance squad.  Considering that every single member of the team is a knockout, it isn't possible for me to make a wrong decision on which one to feature.  I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that they go as far as possible so I can keep posting them!

Today's Miami Heat Dancer is Sarah: