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Talking Heat with 790 The Ticket's Jonathan Zaslow

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So when you look at the remainder of the schedule, you want to assume that the Heat are going to run off the remaining five games and head into the postseason on a 13 game winning streak. While all Heat fans would like this to be the case, they'd be better off losing the last couple games and dropping to the 6th seed (WHAT!?!?!?). Here's why:

The NBA is a great league, but sometimes they're just plumb dumb. Moving the three-point line in to 19 feet that one year.........Changing the first round to a best of 7....... Changing the type of ball without asking the players........ Starting NBA Finals games on the East Coast at 9pm........ just to name a few stupid things the NBA does.

One of the things the NBA needs to change is how they format their playoffs. If it were up to me, I wouldn't even go back to a best of 5 in the first round. (Although that would be awesome) I'd make the first round a best of 3, and the semis a best of 5. Conference Finals and NBA Finals would remain best of 7. With the current format, you never get first round upsets, and you never will. The Golden State Warriors were the first and will be the ONLY number 8 to knock off the top seed in a best of 7. Even when the first round was a best of 5, it only happened twice: Denver over Seattle and New York over Miami. You want an NCAA Tournament style of NBA Playoff??? Go to my best of 3 and best-of 5 format. It would kick ass.

Back to my original point: The NBA is the only league of the top 4 (MLB, NFL, NHL) that does NOT reseed its playoff teams after each round. It's ridiculous. That's why it would be beneficial for the Heat to drop to 6th, instead of 5th.

For example: Let's say our first round winners in these playoffs are 1) Cleveland, 2) Orlando, 4) Boston, and for arguments sake, 6) Miami. Even though Cleveland has the best record in the entire league, they get matched up with 4) Boston and Orlando gets 6) Miami. How is that fair? The top seed should ALWAYS get to face the lowest seed remaining. 

As a matter of fact, that year that Golden State topped Dallas in the 1st round, your Western Conference 2nd round looked like this: 

2) San Antonio vs. 3) Phoenix and 4) Utah vs. 8) Golden State

Now how does that make any sense?? The 4 seed gets to play the lowest seed? While the top two teams remaining have to go at it in Round 2??

 Now, I'm not saying the Heat would knock off Orlando in Round 2, and I don't even know if I'm saying they'd knock off Atlanta in Round 1. But what I am saying is the Heat would be in a more advantageous position come playoff time if they were the 6th seed and not the 5th.

And that is just plumb dumb.