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Miami Heat clinch playoff spot with Toronto Raptors loss; Bosh breaks face bone

It's rare to have one of your biggest moments of the season as a team while sitting on your couch at home. But that happened last night as the Toronto Raptors lost at the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers, 113-111. Rare is the game recap around here about a team other than the Heat, but this one is pretty substantial for two reasons. The first is, obviously, the playoff spot. Erik Spolestra has taken a number of hits throughout the season from fans and media alike. He's too inexperienced. He's yanking Michael Beasley around. He's going to chase away Dwyane Wade. But the fact is this: In two seasons as a head coach, and with a team that's less than dominant, Spoelstra has qualified for the playoffs twice. Not too shabby. The other big news is unfortunate. Chris Bosh, current NBA Player of the Week and likely free-agency target of the Miami Heat, took an elbow to the face by Antawn Jamison and suffered a broken bone in his face. The rest of Bosh's season, and Toronto's playoff hopes, look in doubt. How this affects Miami's pursuit of Bosh? Only time will tell.