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Today's Miami Heat Dancer of the day

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It was bit more of a nail biter then their first round trouncing of the Nets Dancers, but our Miami Heat Dancers took care of business against the dancers from Boston.  Indeed, the ‘drive for 5' is still going strong, and just as quick as the last round ended, this one begins!  There is no day in-between matches, so just keep on going back to the bracket/voting pages and keep voting for our girls.

This tournament has been fun for many reasons, but posting pictures of a different beauty is one of the best perks I can think of.  Remember, you can vote as often as you like, so don't be shy!  What I've been doing is just leave a separate tab open in my Internet windows, and every time I see it or think about voting, the tab is right there waiting for me to come vote.

Today's Miami Heat Dancer is Yesenia:





Hpg0910_dangalposter_yesenia_medium 600_dancers_yesenia_091026_medium Hpg0910_danga7_yesenia_medium