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Cloud Nine: Miami Heat capitalize on mistakes, top 76ers, 99-95

(Yes, I will continue the cheesy number gimmick as long as the streak lasts.) The streak was in doubt at a number of points. A nine-point deficit in the first quarter, what appeared to be a momentum-killing dunk in the final minute and what appeared to be a breakaway in the final 10 seconds all could have cost Miami the fifth place in the East. But resilience, an excellent offensive foul and an unbelievable basket interference on Samuel Dalembert extended a winning streak to nine games for the Miami Heat, as they defeated the Philadelphia 76ers, 99-95. If you have nails after the last minute, you must have nerves of steel. There was a lot of great shooting (hat tip, Dorell Wright and Carlos Arroyo) and confident leadership (Dwyane Wade's used to it by now), but the difference in the end was basketball IQ. Haslem identifies he can slide over and take the charge vs. Samuel Dalembert reaching a bit too far into the cookie jar. I feel like I don't give Udonis Haslem sometimes. In my staunch defense of Michael Beasley, I don't stand up and give UD the credit he deserves as a really solid, smart player. Let that end today. If not for him, the streak is toast. "Flopping" is criticized, but that wasn't a flop. It was just a great play. The Heat are officially in the cupcake part of their schedule, and they are fattening up.