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Is LeBron James poised to team up with Dwyane Wade in Miami?

A topic that was thrown around earlier tonight among myself and a couple co-workers was LeBron James possibly a mere 4 quarters away from playing in a Miami Heat uniform. While I still maintain that A- It's highly unlikely and B- there isn't enough ball to go around with LeBron and Wade playing on the same team, the bottom line is that the possibility is still out there and it really just comes down to James wanting to come to Miami or not.

The best point that was thrown back at me earlier was that with James and Wade on the same team, D-Wade would see a significantly less amount of double teams. That sounds good to me. Something that I also thought could possibly make it work would be Wade shifting to play point guard as it would solve a pair of problems. It would give the Heat a solid PG and Wade would control the ball a bit more. I'm not crazy about the general idea of Wade getting worn down playing the point, but the negatives may even out with the positives of playing with LeBron.

Now I'll open it up to you guys...what do you think of getting King James down to South Beach? There are a few different scenarios, and keep in mind that the Heat could still sign some kind of good, but not max salary, big guy to control the paint...and there is also that Beasley guy to think about. He could develop into the player we hope he does, or they can ship him off to help bring in that big guy talent the Heat will be needing. There are a lot of things to consider here, but the bottom line is...does LeBron James want to come play with Dwyane Wade down here in Miami?