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Next All-Star linked to the Heat...Dwyane Wade's good friend, Joe Johnson

Yeah, its still just May. But as we draw closer and closer to July, we'll hear about more guys who either want to come play in Miami or that the Heat want to go after. The latest addition to that list is Joe Johnson, who says flat out, "I just want to win" and doesn't care about being a #2 option or even switching positions.

While Johnson hasn't come right out and said that he wants to sign with Miami the way that Raja Bell did, if you read between the lines then there are clues that could lead J.J. straight down I-95 to Miami. Johnson is close friends with D-Wade and the two plan to meet before July 1 to discuss their options. Wade also plans to meet with LeBron James and Chris Bosh for the same reasons.

Johnson also has said that he just wants to be on a winning team, regardless of his role. I'm sure there was a lot of pressure on him being the #1 option on the Hawks, and getting booed off his home court during the Hawks embarrassing 4-game sweep at the hands of Orlando couldn't have helped anything. Does he need to go to a team where he'd be their best player? Said Johnson:

"I played that role already. It doesn't matter. You can still make your stamp on the game. I could care less about being the one or two guy. I just want to win.''

Personally, this is all music to my ears. My wish list from day 1 has been: re-sign Wade, sign big guy (Bosh or Amare), sign someone to play the 3 who is a lethal scorer like Joe Johnson. I've said that exact sentence many times over the past year, and hearing Johnson say that he'd not only be open to being a 2nd option, but also changing positions...well its exactly what I've been hoping for. Unfortunately, we've still got about 6 weeks before we'll get any definitive answers.