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Miami Heat unveil We Want Wade website

The Miami Heat continued to ramp up their wooing of their own prime free agent in anticipation of the official start of the offseason on first of July with the launch of an official We Want Wade website. The official headquarters of the Wade campaign promises to be "THE place to show your support for our MV3 and to help keep Dwyane Wade in Wade County!"

Fans are encouraged to leave messages, upload videos and respectfully harass Wade into re-signing with the only team he's played on since being drafted fifth out of Marquette. You can even order a free fan kit provided you live in South Florida (others can digitally download a similar kit). There's even some helpful hints should you happen to run into Wade to convince him. Wade wasn't aware of the existence of the site in his honor until after it launched.
I thought it was hilarious but I appreciate it. I do, I really do.
Within minutes of launching, the site crashed and caused the Heat to scramble to find bigger servers to accomodate all the traffic. Only several hours later was the site back in business and accepting orders for the fan kit again. No word yet on whether similar websites are planned for Lebron James, Amaré Stoudemire or Chris Bosh.

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