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A very busy week for the Heat as they kick-off their summer to remember

It was a very eventful week for the Miami Heat, especially considering that their season has been over for a couple weeks now.  But that is what we have been expecting for a while, that this offseason was going to be busy busy busy.  I can't imagine that the next 6 weeks are going to be as eventful, but who knows...

Of all the teams with real money to spend, I'd like to hear why any of those teams are a more attractive destination then Miami.  Anybody have someone with the track record and resume' as Pat Riley?  Nah.  Anyone have a player even close to the caliber of Dwyane Wade?  Don't think so.  Yea, I know Wade is a free agent...but you guys know that I am damn certain that Wade isn't going anywhere, so I consider him part of the reasons why big names with lots of talent are going to have ‘Miami Heat' on the top of their list of teams to play for. 

Just looking over the things that have popped up in the last week almost blows me away.  It started with Raja Bell coming on a local radio show and expressing his desire to play for the Miami Heat before any other team.  Solid player, would be a great addition...but not exactly a guy who will sell tickets on his own.  That is no knock on Raja...but I'm sure even he could admit that he is no D-Wade, Amare, LeBron, etc.

Next up was Joe Johnson.  Seemingly the moment after he got booed off his home court when his Hawks were embarrassed out of the 2nd round by Orlando, the rumors and ‘sources' saying that Johnson was Miami-bound began to surface.  He also came out and said that all he wanted to do was win, and what he would be willing to do in order to win.  While he may or may not have realized it at the time, he basically mapped out what would end up happening should be sign with Miami.

Every summer there is speculation about free agents and where they will end up, so it's not like any of this is foreign territory for us.  But these specific situations, as they pertain to the Heat, make so much sense for all parties involved that it makes them impossible to ignore and easy to buy in to.  Why is that?  Because nobody is sitting there trying to convince us of why these things are going to happen, but instead all we do is look at the facts and see how these random puzzle pieces fit together perfectly underneath the roof of the AAA.

I don't really want to touch on LeBron because quite frankly, he's everywhere.  Every NBA page, every newspaper, its all about LeBron and where he's going to go.  The bottom line is that he's going to go wherever he wants, the question is whether he can be swayed by a team or convinced by a close Mr. Wade.  Is it going to be about the money or about winning championships for LeBron? 

One final thing...It took all of one day for the website to crash due to being bombarded by people visiting the page.  It was quickly moved to a larger server to handle the volume of Wade fans sending their love to Dwyane.