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What might have been? A look at two former Heat coaches still coaching

There seems to be one character that seems to linger in the collective psyche of Heat fans around this time of year every year. It's not a player, nor a team really. It's one man with poor fashion sense and a stunning resemblance to Ron Jeremy. The "what might have been" thoughts come creeping back, and the Master of Panic's raspy voice begins to echo in many heads. But SVG's not the only former Heat coach left in these playoffs. In fact, he's the former coach replaced by Pat Riley before Stan Van Gundy. Bill Clinton was President. TLC was climbing up the charts with "Creep." And Alvin Gentry was announced as the interim coach to replace recently fired Kevin Loughery, who was let go as one of the first personnel moves by the Arison family as the controlling interest. The same Alvin Gentry leading the Phoenix Suns past expectations and into the Western Conference Finals. So out of the four remaining coaches, half are former Heat heads. It's more coincidence than anything else, I suppose, but considering the constant flack Erik Spoelstra gets, and the praise (much, but not all, of it deserved) I'm surprised it's not mentioned more often. The story with Stan Van Gundy is likely known by everyone reading this, but Alvin Gentry has long been considered a great head coach prospect, looking past time spend acting as a guardian for stinking dog teams. Phoenix got a mulligan after the Terry Porter experiment, and has certainly made the most of it. So here we are. Four coaches over a 15-year period. Two are in the conference finals, two remain with the Heat in different capacities. I've already stirred up the hornet's nest of Riley/Sporlstra, so let's move beyond that. I want to know: Do either SVG or Gentry intrigue you? Answer below, many thanks. [poll id="7"]