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A pretty boring week for Dwyane Wade and the Heat

As the NBA Playoffs continue to press on, now a week into the Conference Finals, life as a Heat fan has gotten a bit boring over the past week.  Maybe after the Playoffs dump off another two teams we'll get some more stories and rumors about guys coming to Miami, but in the mean time its just ‘sit back and chill' time for us Heat followers. 

Speaking of the Playoffs, something that has been annoying the crap out of me this playoff year is the time in between games.  At the beginning of the post season it wasn't as big of a deal because there were enough teams that there was still a game or two every night.  When they got into the Conference Semi's though, that's when the lack of games became more apparent. 

Remember last year when they were advertising something like '40 games in 40 nights'?  That's far from the case this year.  I don't understand the point of taking two full days off in between games.  I really didn't get it when the 2nd round ended and we had to wait almost a full week before the next round began.  It sucks for us fans, but I think it's also unfair to the players.

These guys are used to playing every other night for the most part all season, but now they have all this down time in between games...I'm sure some players feel they aren't in the same ‘groove' when taking so much time off.  It's the same thing in baseball, when guys and pitchers are used to a very specific schedule that they abide by for half a year, but suddenly when the Playoffs begin that daily and weekly schedule changes quite dramatically. 

It just baffles me as to why the NBA would be cool with changing the schedule and extending the playoffs so what I think will end up being almost a full month longer.  I don't get it, and I know I'm not alone.  I hear this topic being discussed a lot among my peers at work, and nobody feels stronger about it then our guest blogger Jonathan Zaslow.  He has been harping on this issue since the Playoffs began and he is absolutely, 100% correct. what else is going on in the NBA Playoffs?  Did you guys hear about the ref that has been suspended for throwing a ball at a fan during Game 2 of the Magic-Celtics series?  I mean, its not like he chucked the ball at the fan or even threw it very hard, but the NBA felt that tossing the ball at a fan was worth suspending him for a game without pay.  That ref is veteran official Joe DeRosa, and while what he did wasn't dangerous or anything (he really just tossed the ball at the fan), I imagine the NBA is upset that he lowered himself down to the level of the fan and interacted with him in a very negative way. 

I'll wrap this up with a little positivity.  I don't know about you guys, but I'm feeling much better about the Heat's 1st round loss to Boston after seeing how well the Celtics have been playing since moving on to the 2nd round.  The defense they shut down the Heat with has been just as dominant against LeBron and the Cavs, and through 2 games...against Dwight Howard and the high-scoring Magic. 

D-Wade was still able to slice and dice his way around that D and looked damn good doing it, which is more then you can say about LeBron James.  Yeah, I know that there is that whole Delonte West rumor that could've been messing with King James...but I'm willing to bet that some other NBA superstars who are maybe a little more mature and title-driven that would have been able to put any personal issues aside, at least during games, to keep your team in the running for a championship.