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Miami Heat are on short list of destinations for Chris Bosh

Earlier today Chris Bosh's agent gave the Toronto Raptors a short list of teams.  Bosh apparently has picked just 5 teams that he'd like to sign a contract with, and the Heat is on that list.  Joining the Heat are Chicago, the Lakers, the Knicks and Toronto...which takes me a little by surprise because I thought that Bosh was ready to punch his ticket out of there and move on to a new team. 

Sources are saying that the Raptors are going to look into a sign-and-trade if they can't keep Bosh around, which is fine with him because then he can sign for another year and get more money.  There are also sources that are saying Bosh's decision will hinge on what LeBron James does.  Said the source:

"If LeBron decides to go to either New York or Chicago, I think that's where you'll see Chris land.  If LeBron stays in Cleveland, I think the process is more wide open."

If that is the case, then I am suddenly a big fan of LeBron staying in Cleveland.  Call me selfish, but if the Heat can't get either LeBron or Bosh I sure as hell don't want them teaming up somewhere else in the Eastern Conference.  However, should the Heat get Amare and someone like Joe Johnson...then whichever team Bosh and James end up on will likely be the main competition with Miami (along with Orlando) for the East title in the coming years.