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Through the Net: May 24, 2010

Miami Herald - Miami Heat looking for keepers in NBA Draft - I like to read something not related to free agency for sure, but I can't read this article and not remember that Pat Riley has such little regard for the draft. I don't want to drift back into Riley-bashing territory again, but he's not exactly the best when it comes to the whole drafting thing. In his defense, it's not like there's a lot of talent where the Heat usually pick, and that's a credit to him. - NBA Free Agency: Did the Heat clear too much space? - Every time a discussion of this type comes up, I get the face that someone gets in a horror film when they realize the bad guy they thought was dead might not be. This is a gaping hole in everyone's Summer of 2010 hopes and dreams. If every legitimate max player demands sign-and-trade, Miami might be up a creek. We're still a ways off from really having to fret about this, but do notdiscount this possibility. - Chicago Tribune: Shut Your Piehole - This post doesn't really have much to do with the Heat per se (although is mentioned), but I like the full-throated defense of the aggressive tactics to keep a free agent. I'm the guy who likes to put sports in perspective and not get too wound up, but with this Free Agency period, it does remind me of my first love, College Football, and its National Signing Day. You bring a recruit in who you think you have locked up, you make signs for him, you take him out to the nice lobster dinner where everyone on the wait staff knows his name and then you get a name on the dotted line. It's nice to bring that kind of hands-on participation into the professional realm, if only for a couple of months. And with the way these playoffs are going, I'll take anything interesting and basketball-related.