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In Pat We Trust; Pat Riley speaks to the media, Part 2

Yesterday I posted the first bunch of Pat Riley audio clips from when he met with the South Florida media on Monday afternoon at the AAA.  There is so much good stuff with these Riley clips that I'm sure they'll be a hot topic down here in Miami, and I'm sure in some places around the country, for days to come.  Yeah, some things he said he's just reiterating, like how he's going to do whatever it takes to make this team a contender year after year.   But when he started leaving things open to interpretation, such as the possibility of him returning to the bench to coach again, things get very interesting. 

So here we go with Part 2 of the Pat Riley sound, just follow the jump and click on the link you want to listen to and it will play in your browser.

Pat Riley- Coach must take advantage of Beasley's talents

Pat Riley- Do you ask proactive interview questions

Pat Riley- Funny scenario about players colluding

Pat Riley- Funny story about Lamar Odom

Pat Riley- Heat fans can't endure another dreadful season

Pat Riley- How sign and trades will unfold in 2010

Pat Riley- I'm not big on foreign players

Pat Riley- I told Stern I hate the matoratium

Pat Riley- Injuries derailed Daequan Cook's season

Pat Riley- Managing cap if he has three big earners

Pat Riley- Managing cap if he has three home run hitters

Pat Riley- Many free agents span spectrum of talent

Pat Riley- Mediocrity not good enough for Michael Beasley