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In Pat We Trust; Pat Riley speaks to the media, Part 3

Well its certainly been a fun couple of days listening to everything that Pat Riley had to say about the direction our Miami Heat are heading.  Indeed, the future looks amazingly bright despite that there are still so many questions yet to be answered.  It's nice to see that Riley is already coming out and letting everybody know that he's going to do anything and everything possible to build a dynasty down here in Miami.  You know for a fact that any prospective free agent is listening, which is likely the reason that Riley is telling us all that he is willing to do whatever it takes to build that dynasty, including a return to the bench. 

After the jump you'll find the 3rd and final installment of all the Pat Riley audio clips.

Pat Riley- My returning might be important to free agents

Pat Riley- Our young players regressed

Pat Riley- Public opinion is killing Michael Beasley

Pat Riley- Are you optimistic Haslem will return?

Pat Riley- Some free agents like to be wooed

Pat Riley- Some of Beasley's problems were slef inflicted

Pat Riley- Wade and I have same lofty goals

Pat Riley- Wants O'Neal back if circumstances are right

Pat Riley- We've had consistent strategy in for a long time

Pat Riley- What will be ideal cap scenario

Pat Riley- What will happen on midnight of July 1st

Pat Riley- Why Jermaine faltered in postseason

Pat Riley- Why Miami is a great market

Pat Riley- Would love to strike a deal with Udonis