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What has Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem and the rest of the Heat been up to lately?


Just a quick update on what some of our Heat players have been up to, starting with D-Wade. He met up with fellow free-agent Chris Bosh for dinner in L.A. on Wednesday. Why is this news? Welcome to the insane summer of 2010 I suppose. I'm guessing that Wade just sat across the table wearing his championship ring, keeping his hand around his face so that Bosh knew what he'd be missing should he pass up on signing with the Heat.

Back to the 305 (or actually the 954), where about 200 members of the Heat organization surprised Udonis Haslem and his family for a big ‘We want U back' birthday bash. The party took place on the front yard of his home in Southwest Ranches home (which is like a mile from where I live...where was my e-vite, Heat people?!) Udonis arrived at his house to find all those people wearing t-shirts and holding signs that said ‘We want U back', in Heat colors, of course, and bearing a picture of Udonis, who some would call the core of the franchise for the last 7 years. Did this party affect Haslem's feelings about possibly leaving the Heat? Said U-D:

"I never knew so many people cared. In my 30 years, this is the best birthday I have ever had. Who would want to go anywhere else with an organization like this?"

Sounds good to me. For a relatively young franchise (can we still call the Heat young after 20+ years?), the Heat sure treats their people well. It's still very much unknown how this will shake out due to the financial uncertainty of who the Heat will spend their money on come July 8th, but I'm sure many of your are just hoping and wishing that someway, somehow the Heat are able to retain the services of Udonis Haslem.

Also of note, and this may be late news to some of you, but I thought it was cool that during their pre-NBA Draft workouts at the AAA last week, one of the guys working out was Anthony Mason Jr., son of former Heat (and Knicks...bleh) star Anthony Mason. What do I remember most about be honest it was his quirky free throwing. Just to set the record straight, ‘little Mase' (as Pat Riley called him) is a longshot to be drafted...but that doesn't mean if the Heat like what they see, Jr. could find himself working out in a Heat jersey later this summer.