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Dwyane Wade says what we want to hear: First choice? Miami

It's only a surprise to those who chose to ignore the facts and evidence to chase conspiracy theories. Those who weren't looking for a reason to see Dwyane Wade leave town aren't shocked at all. However, it's still nice to hear that your All-Universe player wants to hang around. J.A. Adande of ESPN talked with Dwyane Wade, and he said the magic words for Heat fans:
"It's going to be fit with me first. I've made that very clear. Do I want to leave? Nope. Mmm-hmm. I want to be in Miami. That's where it starts."
Like I said, if you were an impartial observer of this year-long situation, it shouldn't be a surprise. Despite the fact Wade didn't want to commit last summer, every public statement he's made has been coded support for the Heat, from him saying his heart's in Miami to his very public, and very harsh criticism of the Chicago Bulls. Plus, the fact that there's more money to be found and no income tax helps out matters a bit. In the article, Adande mentions a South Florida Sun-Sentinel report on Saturday in which Wade mentions he's been in contact with Chris Bosh and Joe Johnson over this offseason. Obviously, if Wade's committed to Miami, that means he's also committed to attracting that kind of talent to the Magic City. There are more goodies in the article, so it's advisable to click through and read on. But that's your big headline for the day. Dwyane Wade does, in fact, want to stay in Miami.