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Mario Chalmers knows how to treat his fans....NOT

I've always considered Mario Chalmers a relatively smart and happy guy, even considering his rookie symposium incident.  With the Heat deciding to keep him around for another year, Rio is looking at a pretty nice income...not to mention the opportunity to play for what should be an NBA title contending team.  He is also entering his 3rd year with one of the more classy organizations in the league and should be well aware of the expectations they hold of their players. 

He wasn't thinking about that last night though.  It all happened on Twitter, and it began with Chalmers asking people for help to get him more followers.  For those not familiar with Twitter, the whole idea is to continuously update what you are up to or just your thoughts.  Just like on Facebook, whoever follows your page sees every update you make.  Essentially, sending a tweet is the same as updating your status on Facebook...except that's pretty much all you can do on Twitter.

Rio has almost 350,000 people following him, and that's a lot by most people's standards...but it's not enough for him.   After tweeting out a request for more followers, one of them responded with this message:

@mister6clutch Yeah need to worry less about followers and more about not sucking anymore.

Nobody is going to convince me that messages like this are uncommon for anyone in the public eye and I'm sure that ignoring them is standard protocol.  Chalmers must have skipped that page in the book because he decided to fight back, telling his followers to:

"do me a favor and clown the hell outta @DavidAlen and tell him to.........."

and then tweeting "@DavidAlen lol my feelings dont get hurt cause at the end day WHO R U????????????".

which garnered this response; @mister6clutch I'm a guy who's good at his job, unlike you. You are terrible and will be in the D-League soon.

There was some more back and fourth, and you can follow them both and check their history to get the whole exchange.  The point I'm posting this is that it's upsetting Mario Chalmers cant control himself enough to not insult his fans when they criticize him.  It shows insecurity, immaturity and stupidity...right on the heels of the Heat making a commitment to him at a time where every dollar is going to matter.

There are tons of pro athletes on Twitter and I've seen them give away tickets, send pictures of what they are doing and respond to questions from their fans.  I've never seen any of them respond to negativity let alone taunt back, but now that it's happened I cant say I'm that surprised that Rio did this.  It's now becoming clear that when the Heat drafted back in 2008 there was no standard or criteria for maturity or intelligence.

Now this isn't anything that should get attention from the Heat, it just bothers me that this is how he chooses to act.  I thought he was on very thin ice after the way he behaved when losing his starting job, but since the Heat showed some faith...maybe had turned a corner.  Apparently not.  This guy had better work his ass off this summer and at least play well enough to back up his douchey ways.