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Miami Heat audio: The newest members say hello

The Heat came into Thursday's draft at Madison Square Garden with just two players signed up for next season; Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers.  They left with a trio youngsters that apparently were all on the Heat's draft board as potential 1st round choices.  Whether or not that is the 100% truth is something we'll probably never really know, but it's really irrelevant. 

What does matter is that the three players taken by the Heat are all ‘big guys'.  This means that heading into the free agency pool, Miami has Mario Chalmers as the only guard on their roster.  Well, you can add Dwyane Wade to that list as well, but that still leaves a lot of holes to be filled starting next week.  The fact that they took two forwards and a center in the draft may indicate that Riley plans to go after more guards then forwards/centers in free agency....

We'll worry more about that stuff as we get closer to the first week of July, for now I just wanted to plant that seed so we'd be thinking about it when the rumors start to swirl.  Getting back to the newest additions to the Heat, they briefly spoke with members of the South Florida media Thursday night. 

While there was nothing earth shattering that was said, the clips are still worth a listen by any Heat fan or anyone who followed these men in college.  Pat Riley also spoke during the little presser, answering questions about a bunch of different topics, and I'll be posting his comments in the next day or so. 

To hear the clips simply click on the link and the audio will play inside your internet browser. 

6-24 Da'Sean Butler-Gives update on acl rehab

6-24 Da'Sean Butler-I'll be ready by training camp

6-24 Dexter Pittman- I'd love to play with Wade

6-24 Dexter Pittman- My weight loss a great feat

6-24 Dexter Pittman- Team will keep me conditioned

6-24 Jarvis Varnado- What the Heat expects of him

6-24 Jarvis Varnado- Why he's good at shot blocking