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Links galore: Busy day of news for the Miami Heat

After all these years... Just 24 hrs left..... Wow. I'm getting anxious. -Chris Bosh via Twitter ``A lot can go down between now and [July 8]. But it's funny how much you hear as far as speculation.'' -Dwyane Wade, Miami Herald interview A steady succession of press releases from the Miami Heat came into my inbox today on a day mostly dominated by rumors and gossip declaring that the Miami Heat are suddenly the frontrunners in the free agency sweepstakes. It’s gotten to the point where maybe Ryan Seacrest should be anchoring Sportscenter instead. Things became interesting after Stephen A. Smith reported on his radio show Monday morning that his sources tell him that Lebron James and Chris Bosh have decided to come to Miami to join Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley. He continued to stand by his story later that day on the Dan Le Batard show and claimed his trusted source has never been wrong before. Then this morning ESPN reported that the new Big 3 indeed had met up this past weekend in Miami where Bosh has been happily tweeting away while chilling at cabanas and partying with Heat DJ Irie. Only problem is that Wade appeared to be in Chicago over the weekend and James in New York but perhaps someone sprung for private jets that whisked them quickly to a secret location overnight. I think I’ve said my peace about Lebron (and Bosh) coming to Miami since the Heat were eliminated in the playoffs but if you’re new to the blog or have some time to kill while daydreaming about the possibilities on the final day of free agency inaction here are some link to keep you busy: Pat Riley continues on as Miami Heat president, may pull a "Jay Leno" Lebron James more of a possibility for the Miami Heat with each Cavs loss Miami Heat in a win-win situation thanks to Cleveland Cavs elimination Conspiracy Theory: The media largely ignores Heat chances to sign Lebron James Bulls, Knicks and Nets magically improve over Miami Heat despite inactivity Lennon & McCartney: When two of the best became the greatest ever by joining forces Chicago is the worst destination for Lebron James But there was also actual news about events that have happened: The Heat first announced that there would a city proclamation on Wednesday June 30th at 11:00 AM honoring Dwyane Wade in downtown Miami at the Stephen A. Clark building.

"The HEAT will join Miami-Dade County Commissioner Joe A. Martinez as the county officially changes its name to "Miami-Wade County" from July 1st through 8th, signaling the start of We Want Wade Week. HEAT officials, including Alonzo Mourning, along with the HEAT Dancers and Burnie, the HEAT Mascot, will join the county commissioners and other dignitaries in revealing the new county name and logo. The public is welcome to attend." Half an hour later the Heat announced they had waived James Jones as expected. From the Sun-Sentinel: "The Miami Heat took another step toward maximizing its salary-cap space Tuesday, when it completed a buyout of the remaining three years on the contract of forward James Jones. Jones had a Wednesday deadline before his 2010-11 $4.65 million salary became guaranteed. Instead, the Heat invoked its right to pay Jones $1.86 million to walk away from the obligation, with Jones to receive similar payouts in each of the next two years, as well. However, the Sun Sentinel has learned that because of the way Jones' 2010-11 buyout payment will be amortized, his hit against the 2010-11 NBA salary cap will be $1.5 million, opening unexpected additional space." Less than two hours later it was announced that the Heat would extend a qualifying offer to Joel Anthony, making him a restricted free agent and holding the right to match any contract offer he receives. His temporary cap hold now is about a million dollars until another contract from another team is offered but it can also be taken off the table by the Heat should they need that money back.