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Dream Team may be reality: Multiple sources report Chris Bosh is headed to Miami

Free agency will officially begin at the stroke of midnight but it appears that the Miami Heat have already won one of the biggest prizes already. Multiple sources, both local and national, today have reported that Chris Bosh will indeed be headed to the Miami Heat in a sign and trade deal (that may or may not include center Rasho Nesterovic) in exchange for Michael Beasley, Mario Chalmers and Canadian native Joel Anthony, the remaining members of the Miami Heat. The Heat would probably give back Toronto’s first round pick that was handed over in the Jermaine O’Neal trade. The rumors are flying fast and furious today so it’s important to keep a healthy perspective on all of this and a healthy dose of skepticism in case the deal falls through or simply doesn’t exist. But where there’s smoke there’s fire and it’s difficult to ignore the nonstop media coverage swirling around Miami this week when the city has been largely ignored as being a major player in free agency despite the abundance of major cash to spend. It seems like the media are playing catch-up after spending most of their time writing about Chicago and New York. With Beasley and Chalmers’ contracts out of the way, this would pave the road to sign Lebron James to a max contract as well. James might realize that his chances of making it through the East, let alone win multiple rings, would be severely hampered with the duo of Wade and Bosh blocking his path to the Finals no matter which team he picked. Remember, if Bosh comes to Miami in a sign-and-trade and James doesn’t sign with Miami that would represent almost 20 million dollars to spend on the rest of the roster bringing depth and talent to positions of need. Riley could chase Rudy Gay to fill the small forward spot with money left over or simply chase another max free agent like Amar’e Stoudemire for a Twin Towers approach. But if those three were to actually sign with Miami there would be a stampede of veterans like Raja Bell who would line up for minimum contracts that do not count towards the salary cap to round out the roster with. There would be nothing stopping their path to the Finals and would possibly win 70 regular season games like the Chicago Bulls did more than a decade ago. Although both Miami and Toronto are denying the reports remember that they’re not allowed to talk about free agency yet so even if they wanted to confirm these reports they would be fined if they did. Justice League of Miami, anyone?