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Who should the Heat take in the 2010 NBA Draft?


I'll be honest with you basketball, not my thing.  Granted, in the last two years I've watched more college bball then probably my entire life before that.  Unfortunately, while I have enjoyed it more, especially this years NCAA Tournament (even though my bracket absolutely sucked), I couldn't do a mock draft if my life depended on it. 

That is where you guys come in.  SB Nation is going to hold a mock draft for all their NBA bloggers and I'm going to let all of you have a say in who I choose.  For now, I'd just like to see in the comments section who you guys think we should take and why, and from there we'll narrow it down to a list that we can vote on. 

We're going to get things started sometime after the Finals are over, and it's still up in the air whether we'll just do the 1st round or both rounds.  As it stands, the Heat hold the 18th overall pick in Round 1 and the 41st, 42nd and 48th picks in Round 2.  So let's get started and see what you come up with.