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Miami celebrates the arrival of Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade

The city of Miami welcomed the official arrival of Lebron James and Chris Bosh as well as the return of Dwyane Wade in a massive celebration that had the American Airlines Arena shaking at its core with music, lights, confetti and dancing. Despite the almost purposeful short notice, the arena was packed with so many fans that hundreds of fans that were shut-out were simply content to be outside and cheer anyway.

This was more than just a party, a celebration, and a joyous occasion. Business was taken care of, contracts were signed, and Miami Heat jerseys to try out for size. But when those three emerged on stage together as one - as a unit, a core, a foundation for greatness - it was all too clear: The rest of the NBA had received notice that this was a threat turned into reality. Bosh screaming at the top of his lungs while pounding his chest, Wade confidently smiling, Lebron soaking it all in. The arena went absolutely nuts.

These three NBA veterans were literally in awe of the crowd instead of the other way around. They were basking in the adoration, an audible confirmation that their decision to unite was literally drowning out the criticisms, the hate and the jealousy and in its place was joy and a profound foreshadowing of what this will mean to the city of Miami. It transcended the sport of putting a ball through a basket. The city was united, much like these three friends were.

They were seemingly ready to play at that very moment with their full Heat uniforms on. But there will be plenty of time for that later. First it was time to greet the crowd like rock stars during a guitar solo. Then they were presented with the keys to the city. Bosh even spoke Spanish to the adoring fans. Soon the party had to be over, an experience no one there will ever forget. At least until Fall comes around and we can be treated to this type of euphoria after what promises to be many victories to come. After changing into suits to face the media a different side emerged: the human element of it. The reasons why they decided to come together, the lessons learned from this entire experience and most importantly about what's to come. Coming very soon will be Part 2 that will feature this in full detail with what these three had to say. Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra also participated in a Q and A session after their newest acquisitions had departed. A long and prosperous future for the Miami Heat awaits us. This is just the beginning.