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Derek Fisher visits the Heat as roster options start popping up

It didn't take long for Pat Riley and co. to jump right back into action.  Sure, Friday night was amazing...but there is still a lot of work to do with this team.  Even with the Wade-Bosh-James trio, there are still just four players on the Heat's roster.  That wont be the case for much longer though, because now that Miami is the team to beat...players are taking notice. 

It started yesterday with Derek Fisher, who flew to Miami to meet with Pat Riley and Micky Arison.  Fisher was met at the airport by LeBron James, who along with his teammates are pushing for the 5-time champion to join them on the Heat.  The Lakers offered Fisher $2.5 million for next season after they paid him $5 million for last season.

For those of you wondering what the hold up was with signing Mike Miller and making an offer to Udonis Haslem, it seems that a bookkeeping issue with the Timberwolves is keeping the deal from being finalized.  The issue, which wont effect the trade, should be resolved by Tuesday. 

Super Cool Beas isn't the only member of last years Heat team to be heading elsewhere; Dorell Wright has signed a 3-year deal worth $11 million with Golden State.  This is a great bargain for the Warriors, especially looking at the other contracts that are being handed out. 

The first free agent to reach out to the Heat was Juwan Howard, and the Heat are seriously considering him as an option.  Another option that is also being explored is resigning James Jones, and that is apparently already in motion. 

Then late Saturday night the Miami Herald learned that Zydrunas Ilguakas is ‘looking into option' of joining the Heat, likely at the veterans minimum.  It's only been a day and already look at the options popping up for the Heat.  Pretty soon the haters aren't going to be able to use the ‘just 3 guys can't win a title' excuse.