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Get your finances in order for the newest Hot Hot Hoops Shop shirt: LeBroward County

The signing of Chris Bosh and LeBron James, as well as the retention of Dwyane Wade, have gotten the excitement and creative juices flowing in South Florida (just listen to sports talk radio or look at our comment contest). But a lot of the hoopla seems to be Dade-centric. Even though I live and work in Dade, I purposefully use the phrase "South Florida" frequently when I refer to the team, because I know the tri-county area is really the target market for teams in South Florida, even if they do happen to play in the county of Dade. So now, for all of those north of the Turnpike Extension and south of Hillsboro Boulevard (roughly), here is the new hotness: That's right. Much like with Miami-Wade County, it's Broward County's logo, reimagined, with a certain Heat player in mind. Head on over to the Hot Hot Hoops Shop and pick yours up today!