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Mario Chalmers inures ankle, out 2-4 weeks

I completely left this out last night, so my bad on that.  Yesterday during workouts at the AAA Chalmers suffered a high left ankle sprain and will be out 2-4 weeks.  Since its the middle of July, this isn't really a big deal...but Rio will be in a cast for about a month before being reevaluated by Heat doctors.  As of right now, Chalmers is the only point guard on the Heat's roster so treating this injury with kid gloves is the way to go. 

I read that Rio has been watching tape of John Stocton and probably the best point guard to ever play for the Heat, Tim Hardaway, in order to sharpen his skills on both ends of the floor.  Hardaway was an amazing shooter and dribbler, and while Stockton was also good in those areas he was a suberb defender as well.  Said Rio:

"Those are two great point guards, and especially Tim Hardaway being from Miami and playing for Miami and having success here.  It's good to see what he did, see if I could add some of his stuff to my game."