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Matt Barnes could be the next Miami Heat acquisition

The final pieces of the Miami Heat roster are now falling into place with the official signing of Mike Miller, the expected return of Joel Anthony and Juwan Howard on the verge of joining the team as well. Now comes word straight from the horse’s mouth that free agent Matt Barnes will decide very soon where he’ll play next:
2maro is the day. I will let my fans know where I'm going to sign. Its gonna SURPRISE you!!!! Keep it locked..
Ironically, the signing of former Heat forward Quentin Richardson by the Orlando Magic has paved the way for Barnes’ departure and perhaps yet another possible steal by Pat Riley to shore up even more depth. Could the Miller signing today have anything to do with the timing of this announcement? Multiple sources, including A. Sherrod Blakely of CSN, are reporting that the Heat are considered one of the favorites to land the crafty Barnes:
Just got off w 2 diff sources who each said the #Celtics unlikely to get Matt Barnes. Dallas, LAL and ... u got it, Miami, the favs now.
However, the Orlando Sentinel has the story a bit different are they are reporting that the favorites to land Barnes are the Heat and the Boston Celtics. It would seem that the Heat have enough forwards on their roster with Mario Chalmers currently the only point guard on the roster and Dwyane Wade the only pure shooting guard. Then again, there are still about six roster spots open and the ability to add a tough defender for the minimum would certainly be another coup for the Heat. Lastly, and I’m not making this stuff up, the Orlando Sentinel is also reporting that none other than soon-to-be 39 year old Penny Hardaway would like to join the Miami Heat again after his last stint in 2007. Somehow I don’t think another Shaq-Penny reunion in Miami is in the cards.