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VIDEO: Why didn't LeBron choose Chicago?

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It's no secret that when Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade decided to team up in Miami, LeBron James had to take a serious look at signing with the Heat.  When it came right down to it, the choice was said to be between moving to Miami or staying in Cleveland.  A few days prior though, the Chicago Bulls were very much in the mix to land LeBron. 

Some people, myself included, think it was a bad move for the Bulls to send a package to James with a pair of Michael Jordan shoes and a note saying "Your a king, but can you live up to a legend?  Do you dare to fill these shoes".  As if that wasn't bold enough, Chicago also ran a 2-page ad in LeBron's hometown newspaper with the same message. 

However, another possible reason (and a funny one at that) that James chose not to go to Chicago can be found after the jump.