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String of signings now likely to slow for Miami Heat

When you've carved your roster down to two players, a number of signatures is naturally to be expected. But the last two weeks have been hard to keep up with as an observer. From, the order goes as such:
July 7: Heat agrees to re-sign Dwyane Wade and acquire Chris Bosh July 8: Heat agrees to acquire LeBron James July 12: Heat re-signs Udonis Haslem July 16: Heat signs Mike Miller July 18: Heat re-signs Joel Anthony July 19: Heat signs second-round draft pick Dexter Pittman July 19: Heat signs Zydrunas Ilgauskas July 19: Heat re-signs Jamaal Magloire July 20: Heat re-signs James Jones July 20: Heat signs Juwan Howard July 22: Heat re-signs Carlos Arroyo
That averages out to about one signing every 32 3/4 hours. That's a lot of ink in a short amount of time. It now appears, with Matt Barnes agreeing to terms with the Los Angeles Lakers, that the signings should be pretty darn well close to done at this point. The Heat could make one or two moves before the season starts if it decides to (and Jerry Stackhouse and Tracy McGrady sure hope they do), but what they have now is a lineup to go to battle with. It's not the bare-bones scenario many scoffed at after Pat Riley nabbed Wade, James and Bosh. It's a team that's both pretty well constructed and full of connections that should create some instant chemistry. Ilgauskas connects to LeBron (teammates on Cavs), who connects to Bosh and Wade (explained enough), who connects to Haslem (gave up the most money to keep him around), who connects to Miller (roommates at the University of Florida). The only new acquisition who doesn't have a strong bond to someone is Juwan Howard, and considering he's the most veteran presence on the team, I doubt he'll be creating too much trouble. Plus, if you count the couple of days he was a member of the Heat in 1996 before the contract voiding, he's got a longer connection to the team than anyone on the court! Kidding, of course. Barring any major surprises (and keep in mind - there have been a few this offseason), this is the team we'll be watching this coming season. Maybe it's not a best-case scenario (losing Matt Barnes is a negative, I guess), but it's about as close as you're ever going to get in life. Three of the leagues top 10 talents, surrounded by a steady hand who has won with this team before and solid veteran players. What more could you want?