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Eddie House to sign with Heat

Welcome back, Eddie House!  The news and the roster just keep getting better and better.  House's agent confirmed that the former Heat fan favorite will be signing a 2-year contract in which the 2nd year is the player's option.  He will sign for the veterans minimum at $1.4 million and I think we can add him to the list of guys taking less money to play in Miami. 

Eddie earned $2.8 million last season and I'm sure there are several teams out there that would've happily paid him more then the 'vet min'. The contact that House signed is very similar to the contract signed by Zydrunas Ilgauskas a couple weeks ago.

House is another guy that is just perfect for this Heat team.  A very dangerous threat from downtown who is also energetic and quick, House will likely be getting more open looks this season then any other year in his career.  Since leaving the Heat in 2003 he has bounced around the league, playing on 8 different teams before finally finding he was back to Miami.

Eddie is a career 41% shooter from the field and a 39% shooter from beyond the arc.  2 years ago in Boston he shot 44% from both the field and from downtown; I think he may be able to improve on that this season...