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Freak Out: Second Wade/Chicago meeting sends Burnie, Miami to the edge

The madness started around 5 p.m. yesterday. Various Tweets from various reporters stated that Dwyane Wade would take a second meeting with the Chicago Bulls. That, of course, meant that Wade found something interesting in the Bulls' first presentation. That, to many in Miami, meant Wade would surely leave Miami. In times of panic, it's natural to jump to hasty conclusions. What happened next was really fascinating. The national media, who for months had stated these meetings were a mere formality, turned on a dime and stated that the decision for Wade was a 50/50 at best, and even that Wade was "leaning" toward Chicago. Now might he sign with Chicago? Sure. Might he resign with the Heat? Sure. Might he run off to a foreign country and start up a laundromat? Not likely, but not impossible. My point is this, Miami Heat fans. You won't know anything until ink hits paper. Everyone was so high three days ago off unsubstantiated reports, now everyone wants to kill themselves because of unsubstantiated reports. My advise to you is this. Take everything with a grain of salt. If you want the best info, follow local media sources. Mike Wallace at the Miami Herald and Ira Winderman at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel are good places to start. ESPN plays a valuable role, but because of their vastness, sometimes their reportage gets a bit stretched and crossed-up. The local guys, especially when dealing with Wade, will have a truer sense of the way things are going. The most important thing is to just enjoy your weekend. It's July 4, for goodness sakes. Don't sit by your computer refreshing 100 different pages 100 times an hour. Something will eventually happen, and unless your name is Pat Riley or Dwyane Wade, you have absolutely no impact on the situation. We all like to think as fans we hold some mystical pull over players, but in reality they're just like you and me. They want to do well in their field and they want to get paid, and that's about it. Adoration is fantastic but fickle. The fans who love Dwyane Wade or LeBron James now will burn them in effigy if they do something the fan doesn't like. Accept that, and that pain in your left arm should go away. An aspirin might help too.