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Daily Poll: How many games will the Heat win this season?

Today's poll question is a pretty simple one. How many games will the Heat win this season? I'm sure that most of you answered that with a resounding "A LOT" its not going to be easy to put a specific number on it. Then there are those out there who are clinging tightly to the idea that our superstar roster won't gel and that it will be a massive let down.

I have to laugh about that because these guys have all played together and put up big numbers in several All-Star games, not to mention making the world look silly on defense with the beautiful plays they made during the Olympics. The more I watch those videos the more I am just amazed and ridiculously excited for what is going to be going on at the AAA over the next decade.

What I think some people just choose to overlook is that every player on this team will be just as happy to see his teammate score as he would be to score on his own. When these players say ‘all that matters is winning' I guess the haters and critics are assuming those words just don't mean anything.

To help you with your voting, I looked at the NBA standings for the last few years to get an idea of how many teams are competitive every year and how many are going to be the ‘easier' games on the schedule.

I've averaged it out and listed the teams in five categories; Good (55+ wins), Decent (45-54 wins), Average (35-44 wins), Not So Good (25-34 wins) and Bad (under 24 wins). I also took into consideration that the Heat play teams in the East 3-4 times and teams in the West twice.

Games against ‘Good' teams- 13. Games against ‘Decent' teams- 27. Games against ‘Average' teams- 14. Games against ‘Not So Good' teams- 20. Games against ‘Bad' teams- 8. That is just my guess when averaging out the records of teams from the last few years and taking into consideration how many teams I think will fall in each category this season.