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Daily Poll: How many games will the Heat win BIG?

This is sort of a continuation from yesterdays poll...but before we move on I wanted to also ask this question just to see where everyone was at, especially those who are high on the Heat and think they'll win games as easily as they probably should.

So yesterday the question was how many games the Heat will win this season. Today we're taking it a step farther. How many games will the Heat win by 20 or more points this season? Now before giving that a ‘knee jerk reaction' answer, think about it. 20 points is a lot to win's almost a quarters worth of scoring.

Just to get an idea of how easy or hard winning by 20 is, I looked back at last season's results for the leagues three best teams; Cleveland, Orlando and the L.A. Lakers. Before looking at the results, just quickly make a guess for each team in your head. Got it? Ok...

The eventual NBA Champion Lakers won by 20 or more just seven times. Cleveland led the NBA with 61 wins but won only six of them by 20 or more points. Orlando was another story, winning 13 games by at least 20 points.

That's not a big shocker when you think about how the Magic would dominate most teams due to the major mis-matches they create. It's crazy though...13 of their 59 wins...that's 22% of their wins that were just domination.