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Home Sweet Home: Dwyane Wade finally arrives back in Miami

Dwyane Wade is back home in Miami. The big question on everyone's mind is whether he'll stay. At approximately 1:00 AM early Monday morning the Miami Heat sent word that Wade would arrive at Miami International Airport at 8:00 AM. While most of the city was asleep after partying the night before from celebrating Fourth of July, about 50 fans plus Heat employees and media were promptly camping out where they thought Wade would show up. Unfortunately, the Heat were given the wrong info that he would fly in a charter plane and instead he had elected to fly commercial (perhaps to save a few bucks since he's currently unemployed). By the time the congregation (including this faithful journalist) had hurriedly rushed to the American Airlines terminal Wade had seemingly vanished already, going M.I.A. at M.I.A. Shortly afterwards, Wade sent out an update on Twitter:
Back in MIA excited about the D. Wade All-Star Camp starting tmr - Thurs. Only open to boys and girls b/w 7-18....
Wade was made aware upon arrival that fans had showed up to greet him but he was probably more grateful to not have to answer to the media already. But all is not lost as there will be a proper place to welcome him back at a We Want Wade rally on Tuesday July 6th at Nova Southeastern University at 10:30 AM where Wade and Alonzo Mourning will be promoting their Summer Grove charity event. What is unknown is why Wade arrived earlier than expected to Miami. Although the Heat have yet to make a formal presentation to Wade to convince him to return to the only franchise he's played for, it's conceivable that such a meeting could take place as early as today as his itinerary is unclear. Regardless, the media will be grilling him to no end at tomorrow's event so a resolution to this might come sooner rather than later. Keep your fingers crossed and your minds clear, South Florida. It will all be over soon.