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Wade presser rescheduled while imminent meeting with Heat still to come

The news that Dwyane Wade's media appearance and press conference was rescheduled certainly shocked those of us awake when it was first reported.  Sticking with the whole ‘being reported' idea, it seems that Wade's people were the ones to pull the plug, saying they didn't want him fielding questions until after he's made his decision. 

I have to wonder if this subject came up at all when Wade met with Heat owner Micky Arison at the AAA yesterday afternoon.  Either way, it's much easier to look at this as a negative (from a Heat fan perspective) then a positive.  That doesn't mean its not equal, just that people tend to lean towards the negative, or the ‘sexier scenario'. 

Either way, it's still going to be a long week of waiting for Heat and Bulls fans.  Really, anyone else waiting on these guys to sign so things can start falling into place is sitting around twiddling their thumbs.   Amare Stoudemire was the first guy to blink, agreeing on Monday to sign a 5-year deal with the New York Knicks worth $100 million.

Just curious...does anybody want to live in a world where Amare Stoudemire and Joe Johnson are making $20 million a year when Wade, Bosh and LeBron are not likely to get more then around $16-$17 mil?  Regardless, that's how things work in the NBA. But hey, New York getting competitive again could renew a pretty amazing rivalry between the Knicks and Heat.

It also came out that Shaq could be again on the move, with Dallas, Boston and Atlanta the ones apparently most interested.  In the Hawks case, some think that would make a giant frontcourt of Shaq at center, Horford at the 4 and Josh Smith at small forward.  I think that's crazy...but hey, ‘tis the season.   

Getting back to the Heat for a second, it came out today that they have also been talking about some sign and trade options with the Mavericks and the Jazz.  Miami is offering up Jermaine O'Neal and Michael Beasley and looking at Carlos Boozer, Brendan Haywood and perhaps Kyle Korver (the shooter we've been lacking). 

I think its safe to assume that Pat Riley has a plan in place for whatever may arise with the free agent situation, even the dreaded ‘worse case scenario'.  Riley has always done right by the Heat and the good ‘ol catch phrase ‘In Pat We Trust' is still very much in effect.  For our sake, I hope that it isn't questioned for a long, long time.