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Wade and Bosh still mum while LeBron requests ESPN's help to make decision known

It seems like the finish line is in sight.  After a long week of dealing with rumors and tweets and all that goodness, it's beginning to look like we're finally going to get the answers everyone has been waiting for.  Last night it came out that LeBron James' people contacted ESPN in hopes of the King announcing his destination during a one-hour special set to air on Thursday at 9pm. 

There is more to the story, like James selling sponsorship during the special and donating it to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.  A very nice gesture, but some think its just a way to make up for the fact that LeBron feels the need to broadcast his decision on the biggest sports network stage available. 

From a Heat fans perspective, it seems James is out of the picture.  His choices have been said to be narrowed down to Cleveland, Chicago and New Jersey...but really who knows?  The Heat could still be in play, but apparently it's a money issue.  Do any of the big three want to take a pay cut?  Chris Bosh doesn't, and I can't possibly see LeBron taking less anywhere.

Speaking of Bosh, he could be the key to Dwyane Wade signing in Miami.  That's right...I read last night that Bosh signing on with the Heat would all but guarantee D-Wade staying as well.  Wade still has the 6-year, $125 million deal from the Heat just sitting there waiting for him to sign.

Before anyone does anything though, the big three are planning to have a conference call sometime today to discuss their final plans and options.  It's known that LeBron has tried to lure Bosh to Cleveland but the power forward has never shown any interest in becoming a Cavalier.  As for Bosh going to Chicago or New Jersey, both teams would have to make moves to sign more then one max guy.  That leads me to my next point...

I think there is a very good chance of Bosh and Wade staying together, whether it be in Miami or in Chicago.  There have been conflicting reports, with some saying that Bosh only wants to be part of a sign and trade so he could get the maximum 6-year contract, and some saying that he'd take a 5-year deal worth $96 million which is the max amount he could get from any team not from Canada. 

Now as for Dwyane, I have to imagine he's meeting with the Heat sometime today.  He had a pow wow with Heat owner Micky Arison on Monday and apparently Arison was concerned about things heading into the meeting but felt much better afterwards.  But like I said at the beginning...with Wade's meetings finishing, Bosh and LeBron's done, and the three on the verge of discussing their options together, the finish line is in sight. 

A final bit of Heat news...the team had planned to meet with Bobcats free agent point guard Raymond Felton this week, but Felton's agent decided to postpone the meeting until after the Heat had dealt with the Wade/Bosh/LeBron situation.  Obviously if it ends up as Wade and Bosh, the meeting will happen soon after that is announced.  Just another option to add to the list....