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Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh signing with Miami?!?!

Outlets all over the place are confirming that Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are going to team up in Miami.  First it was ESPN, but now I'm getting confirmation from Ira Winderman of the Sun-Sentinel and Mike Wallace of the Miami Herald, and those are a couple guys who have been on point.  Bottom line is that it certainly appears the Heat are back, baby.  As if there was any doubt...

Apparently Chris Bosh had grown tired of the Raptors trying to control the situation and has taken matters into his own hands, saying that he is going to sign with Miami one way or another.  If Toronto wants to indulge him in a sign and trade, and help out the Heat by perhaps taking Michael Beasley (or just a bunch of draft picks). 

If Bosh gets the sign and trade then he'll get a 6-year, $125 million deal but if he just signs with Miami then the max he'll get is a 5-year $96 million deal.  That is assuming he and Wade both are taking max deals.  Why wouldn't they?  Good question...

It's also coming out today that LeBron James joining them in Miami is a very real possibility.  That being the case, it means bye-bye Beasley or that all 3 superpowers would have to take a little less money to make this work.  Nobody really thinks they'll take less but at this point I'd say anything is possible. 

After all these meetings the players have gone through, the consensus seems to be ‘we want to win'.  The advantage that the Heat have held this whole time...Pat freaking Riley.  That is the guy (along with Micky Arison) who we should all be thanking endlessly for making this happen. 

Remember, the official 2010-11 salary cap comes out tonight, so we'll get more contract answers when that happens.  I will keep this thread updated throughout the day until I head to the AAA for the press conference that is not yet confirmed, but many media outlets are pretty sure its gonna happen at 4pm. 

Rejoice Heat fans!  The dynasty dream could be becoming a reality.