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Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, newest members of the Miami Heat!

I just finished watching Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh on ESPN.  How sick was that, South Florida??  Seeing not only our beloved D-Wade but Bosh as well looking so happy and excited about teaming up and competing for a championship in Miami was something we have been waiting to hear for well over a week now. 

Dwyane gave Chicago a teary-eyed goodbye at the beginning of the interview, hopefully allowing them to at least understand his position.  However he later did say that it came down to he and Bosh wanting to play together, and that Bosh wanted to do it in Miami.  So...THANK YOU Chris Bosh! 

Or should we say, thank you Pat Riley for letting Bosh know how much he was wanted down here for the last couple years.  It's been pretty well known that Riley has been pushing to get Bosh to Miami, and obviously this summer was his best shot.  And he delivered.  Say it with me...In Pat We Trust!

Apparently Bosh really wanted to come down here, too.  He basically said, contrast to many reports this week, that he didn't care about the money element.  6-years, 5-years...didn't matter.  He wanted to play with Wade and compete every year for a title.  Dwyane even said:

"This situation is about winning.  This is not a money situation. I'm not opposed to taking less money then that max number.  Whatever it takes to build a champion here in Miami.  That's what me, and of course as you see that's what Chris is doing also."

Bosh went on to say:

"I expect us to compete for a championship.  I think Dwyane said it earlier, we're ready to sacrifice a lot of things to do that.  It's not about the money, it's not about anything else except for winning."

How amazing is that to hear?  How many athletes come out and say that, even if they are willing to do it?  Nobody just puts their cards on the table like that.  It's truly amazing and I couldn't be happier that we get to in enjoy it down here in Miami. 

They said that the decision was made on Tuesday for the pair to team up in Miami, explaining Bosh's ‘Today is a GREAT day" tweet.

The speculation about LeBron is still going crazy.  People are analyzing the facial expressions of Wade and Bosh when talking about James during their meeting.  ‘Wade smiled when he said LeBron...he's coming!!'.  Stuff like that.  BUT...Mike Wallace tweeted out that LeBron may be coming to Miami to have dinner with Dwyane and Chris tonight.

Last thing on the interview...Wade threw in his endorsement for Erik Spoelstra, saying ‘he is the coach 100%, no questions about it'.  He acknowledged Riley's comments about returning to the bench, but then said that he wanted to help Spo become the ‘next Pat Riley, the next Lenny Wilkins'.  And if that doesn't happen, we all know Pat will have no problem stepping in mid-season. 

Literally a minute before the interview, Dwyane sent out a tweet to all his followers: ‘@dwadeofficial Miami-Wade County. Thank you.'  That's enough right there, but he wasn't done getting back into communication with Heat fans.  Shortly after he was finished on ESPN, he sent out a video on his Facebook pageYou can watch it on youtube here. It starts with Wade saying "I'm back" with a big smile on his face.  I'll let you check out the rest. 

Soak it in, South Florida...and Heat fans all over.  This is a great day, one that many of us will never forget.  The beginning of the Heat Dynasty.